Vegan Catering

We can cater for any occassion and deliver our bakes across the UK

Mini Pies - 

Porkless Pie - Cumberland Style mheat surrounded by jelly in a short crust pastry

Mini Scotch Egg-Less - 


Desserts & Cakes

Chocolate Orange Cake - Gluten free & vegan dessert made with a chocolate brownie base topped with a chocolate filling & orange sauce, decorated with chocolate crumb; pre-cut, 14 Portions

Banana Bread - A vegan banana and oat almond cake packed with crunchy walnuts, topped with redcurrants, pre-cut, 12 portions

Black Currant Mousse - Gluten free & vegan dessert made with a biscuit base topped with blackcurrant mousse with sugar & sweeteners, & finished with a clear glaze; pre-cut, 24 portions

Carrot & Walnut cake topped with avocado flavour & pistachio flavour frosting, swirled with caramel glaze & finished with pistachios; pre-cut, 18 portions

Salted Caramel Cake - Three layers of chocolate sponge filled & side masked with salted caramel & chocolate icing. Decorated with cocoa nibs & chocolate icing; pre-cut, 14 portions

Vegan & Gluten Free Chocolate & Coconut Dessert - A date and mixed nut case filled with a chocolate and coconut filling finished with a coconut swirl; pre-cut, 14 portions

Vegan & Gluten Free Raspberry Frangipane Tart - Gluten free pastry base filled with raspberry jam & almond frangipane topped with raspberries & almond flakes; pre-cut, 14 portions.

New York Style Dessert - A biscuit base topped with a baked vanilla flavour topping, pre-cut, 18 portions

Apple Tart - A round tart made with vegan shortcrust pastry and topped with juicy apple slices and flaked almonds, Pre-cut, 12 portions.

Vegan & Gluten Free Raspberry Tart - A gluten free biscuit base filled with a chocolate & raspberry flavoured filling finished with a raspberry swirl; pre-cut, 14 portions.

Pasta, Rice & Noodle Salads